My Music - Canticle of Hannah
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Composed: 2005
First performance: 2006

Written in a month as a test piece for the entrance examination in Komvest, where it was accepted and performed at the following concert in 2006. The recording is from this occasion.
A very special technique is utilised in the middle section: three voices sing simultaneously the same melody in three different keys (G Major, E Major and C phrygian), achieving a very peculiar sound, even though it consists of nothing but pure triads.

If you wish to perform, publish, or just study this work, please send me a note.


Hannas lovsang  - Live

Mit hjerte fryder sig over Herren,
Herren har løftet mit horn.
Jeg spærrer munden op imod mine fjender,
for jeg glæder mig over din frelse.
Ingen er hellig som Herren,
der er ingen uden dig,
ingen klippe som vor Gud.

Hold op med jeres store ord,
fræk tale må ikke udgå af jeres mund,
for Herren er en Gud, der ved alt,
af ham prøves hver en gerning.

1 Sam 2,1-3

Canticle of Hannah

My heart is glad in the Lord,
my horn is lifted up in the Lord:
my mouth is open wide over my haters;
because my joy is in your salvation.
No other is holy as the Lord,
for there is no other God but you:
there is no Rock like our God.

Say no more words of pride;
let not uncontrolled sayings come out of your mouths:
for the Lord is a God of knowledge,
by him acts are judged.

KJV 1 Samuel 2,1-3

If you find that some of my music has too much similarity with other music, please contact me. I don't intend to plagiarize.