My Music - Evening song
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Composed: 1995
First performance:

If you wish to perform, publish, or just study this work, please send me a note.


Aftensang  - Midi

Jeg lægger mig ned
og sover i fred;
dit vågeblus lyser for mig.
Hos dig kan jeg bo
i tryghed og ro;
den finder jeg bare hos dig.

Sl 4,9/JE

Evening song

I lie down
and sleep in peace;
your pilot light shines for me.
With you I can dwell
in safety and peace;
I will only find that with you.


Note: The Midi/Synth sound files are only provided to give a preview of the music; all of my music is intended to be performed by living musicians.
Note: My own translations are of a poor quality. If you find errors, please inform me. If you make metric translations, even to other languages, please let me know, and it might appear on this page with your credit.
If you find that some of my music has too much similarity with other music, please contact me. I don't intend to plagiarize.