My Music - Those who are waiting for the Lord
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Composed: 2003
First performance:

Written for my son, who unfortunately didn't live to be born. Also listen to the motet to which I later reworked this song.

If you wish to perform, publish, or just study this work, please send me a note.


De, der håber på Herren  - Midi

De, der håber på Herren, får nye kræfter,
de får vinger som ørne.

Es 40,31

Those who are waiting for the Lord

Those who are waiting for the Lord will have new strength;
they will get wings like eagles.

KJV Isaiah 40,31

Note: The Midi/Synth sound files are only provided to give a preview of the music; all of my music is intended to be performed by living musicians.
If you find that some of my music has too much similarity with other music, please contact me. I don't intend to plagiarize.