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My music can broadly speaken be divided in three periods:


Instrumental music, almost entirely for piano solo. At first I was and extreme "Beethoven fundamentalist" and rejected all music after 1900 AD. I started to write 24 piano pieces in different keys and different forms as a comosition excercise, but after 17 finished pieces I dropped the project, since I realised that it is possible to write tonally and melodically without minor and major keys – and even that the different modalities provide much more flexibility in colours and expressions.

Building blocks

Other piano pieces

Other instrumental music


In 1993 i went to a folk high school and that woke up my interest in community singing and amateur choirs. I wrote several strophic songs for this purpose. It was important for me to write melody and lyrics in the same proces to achieve an organic coherence.


Songs with piano


I realised that a few 20th century composers wrote fabulous music without being reactionaries. I studied among others Arvo Pärt and Messiaen. Josquin Desprez however is my present guru number one. Like these three composers I try to create static, colourful, modal music. I also enjoy mathematic subtleties, but it must always contain a personal expression.

In this period I have almost entirely written choral music with Bible texts. This can be seen in relation to my engagement in choir singing and in Komvest – a Danish society for choral composers.