My music - highlights
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Here is a short introduction to my music. For the complete list, see the index.

If you want to listen to great live recordings instead of my synthetic productions, make a visit to these pages. The recordings come from Komvest's concert in march 2006 (Eagle song and Canticle of Hannah) and from the chamber choir Hymnia's concert in may 2007 (Habakkuk's complaint). The rest of the concerts can be heard on Komvest's home page.

Eagle song

Canticle of Hannah

Habakkuk's complaint

Psalm 13

Feast fugue

Go to the ant

As the hart

If you find this "neo-medieval" choir sound attractive, you might appreciate these motets.

4 motets on hope

Psalm 28 - a virtuoso tour-de-force for double choir.

If you more like the traditional classical repertoire, I can offer romantic piano music like the Romance and the Ballade.

Merrier sounds can be heard in the Mazurka, Etude and Perpetuum mobile.





Perpetuum mobile