My Music - Sange
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Usually strophic, simple songs for community singing or amateur choirs.

1978Now shall we thank God
1978Now faith is the substance
1982Our future
1991-1992Christmas song
1993So wonderful to our eyes
1993Nu lover min sjæl
1993His only begotten son
1993Adam's morning song
1993But we are able to overcome
1993They that trust in the Lord
1993The Robber song
1994Wealth and Love
1994Which present
1995Behold, the night is near
1995They looked unto him
1995From the deepest hole
1995Evening song
1996Gav mig på vej
1996The large tower
Hope for Heaven
2000Look around
2000When you go through the waters
2001Why does it have to be me?
2002I sow my peas
2003Those who are waiting for the Lord
2004The little birds have places
2005Goliath went from Gath